1. Application for succssfully under taken disinfection service costing upto Rs.1 Crore


Goverment   Private sector
  1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Ranipet-632406 1. Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd
  2. Ministry of Defence, Govt. of INDIA    
2. Health services
  1. Govt. General Hospital, Chennai
3. Domestic services

Mr. M.B. Nirmal, Founder and Chairman for Exnora International testified that his guest who came from abroad decided to prepone their return journey because of the biggest mosquito menace . The menace was effectively managed that he was able to host his guests happily and avoided the preponement of their journey . .ExnoraInternational

4. Heritage House  

The Company has also the experience of protecting Heritage  Buildings. One such building that was effectively protected against termites is  where  great  leaders like the  Father of the Nation  M.K. Gandhi,  Locamanya Thilak ,  Nehru  and other leaders have stayed.


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